So, you've bought or rented the skates and then it hits you: the sudden realisation that the class system is alive and kicking in middle-class England's parks. Except this time there are eight 'classes'

'Perhaps good enough' links are suggestions for joining the various group skates that happen. They are only a guide and do not offer any guarantee of your ability or safety on the group skate.

1) Novice.
Stopping methods include pedestrians, skin loss and gravity
Some or no skate or ice skating knowledge. Skating lessons are STRONGLY recommended.
Level 1 or 2 in our group lessons

2) Basic-Heel braking and corner taking. Some swizzling. But your facial expression still says "I'm gonna fall, I know it!"
Level 1 or 2 in our group lessons

3) Can skate for 1 hour+ without denting too many lampposts. You could keep up with a slow car (if you could just avoid those tall concrete things...)
Good heel-braking, some forward crossovers and spin stops. Basic slalom.
Perhaps good enough for ROLLER STROLL
Level 3 or 4 in our group lessons

4) Beginning to T stop. Some jumps, backward skating and toe/heel combos.
Your Heel brake works effectively down hills/at speed
Basic cheekiness and arrogance.

Perhaps good enough for the FRIDAY NIGHT SKATE
Level 3 or 4in our group lessons

5) Backward crossovers, various Slalom, 180's, some stairs and dancing.
You laugh regularly at Novices

6) 360's, side-surfs, snowplough, Barrel roll
Friends start treating you differently.

7) Grapevine, advanced slalom
Tourists point camcorders.

8) Toe/heal spins.
You're scaring me!

9) Your own unique tricks
You were born, probably via caesarean, wearing skates.
And we will hate you if you come on the FRIDAY NIGHT SKATE


If this is you consider skating lessons, covering all abilities, on weekday evenings in the City of London or weekends in Victoria and Kew bridge.

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