Right Royal Roller - 'Wills' joins the Friday Night Skate
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FRIDAY 30 MAY 2003

From: "Stefan Peterson <steff_petex@yahoo.dk>"
To: "Citiskate photos" <photos@citiskate.com>
Mon, 2 June 2003 9:38:09 +0100
Subject: Some interesting photos!

"Hi, I am a skater from Denmark and am visiting London for two weeks. I have been looking forward
to going on the Friday night skate for a whole month! I decided to arrive early at the park and get
some practise. The evening was beautiful and lots of people were in the park. I had two cameras
with me: my new digital camera and a disposable one. After the days events I cannot tell you how
happy I am to bring the disposable one.

At around 18:15 near Hyde Park Corner I was chatting with a Dutch girl called Ingrid who was also
joining the skate. Then I noticed someone I thought I knew from back in Denmark.
But I think I was wrong!
[talks in depth about William]


(c) Stefan Peterson, not to be reproduced without written permission

As you can see from the camera shots taken by my digital it looks like he has just started skating.
We saw him with a friend who looked like he had better skating ability
[And a steady hand, very useful for
helping to get up - picture one] He is quite tall and looked a bit unsteady on the path. I saw him fall over
a few times. This made me feel much better about my skating! We watched as they headed to the grass.
He was still falling there too.
[Maybe if it was red he would feel more comfortable]

We must have been watching him for about 20 minutes and at no time did we notice any security guards.
Perhaps the guy in the picture sitting on the grass with a bottle of water was one. Other people
in the park didn't notice him at first but some that skated past did creep back for another look. A Police
car stopped by the side of the road: the officers looked on with smiles.

Two people did approach him.
[A Citiskate Instructor] spoke to him for a few minutes; I think they were
having a lesson with him
[sadly, this is not the case!]. I overheard the instructor talking about next weeks
TNT One World Skate party on Friday 6 June (which I have extended my stay for). All credit to the
instructor,who asked him to come along and also invited him to bring his Father and Grandmother along
too "as long as they came with wheels". Ingrid also asked him for his autograph. He had a very pleasant
demeanor throughout.

As time went on we noticed more and more people standing around pointing and talking on their mobiles.
Immediately after the last picture was taken the girl in the white vest crashed into me! The battery then
went on my digital
[we know the feeling]. I took some more on the disposable which I will develop this week.
The pictures I have sent are a selection and at low resolution: feel free to put them on the site with my
copyright notice. I hope it gets more people coming on the free Friday event.

I have avoided sending the better ones as two celebrity magazines are interested in buying them.
Perhaps this will pay for my stay in London. I enjoyed the skate so much and am keen to do the next one.

Let's hope our camera friendly skater comes too!"

Stefan Peterson

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