Fangs for the memories...
Friday Night Skate
, 31 Oct 2003
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That's another fine skate we got you into. Hundreds turned up and rolled with stunning costumes.
Aural pleasure was in the form of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters" and a whole host of spooky music as featured on our
Halloween track list
. As one onlooker said "Skating is scary but in a cool kind of way!"

All pictures copyright Andreas Kolattek

A skillful display from the lead wizard
Darth rallied the troops
The marshalling was so smooth it was almost invisible


Skelator and Pumkinhead did the can-can
A-Frame witch cursed all the beginners
Mr Addams lead his Family by example

Atrocious what London Transport staff have to put up with
"Tonight Matthew I'm going to have skull-bulging eyes and be very scary"
David Attenborough overdoes the 'blending in' bit

Scary, Pussy, Scary
Rubber shorts stick more than a Time Warp
Snakeboarding - it's not cricket

Pure evil (this girl had natural red-eye)
Jemima goes all Disco on us
Christmas comes early

Fresh Sheepskin
Eastern witch cures nose with Lemsip/Viagra combo

Separated at birth?
Pimp attempts role-reveral with horny bitch, WITCH, I mean witch!
Even cowgirls get amused

"So you wanna take my picture!?"
Wreaking revenge on the Japanese tourists

. ....

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