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Longest ever Sunday Rollerstroll makes
it to Crystal Palace...just

Kay writes,
"The Crystal Palace skate was fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the skate, even
though I struggled on the hills (nothing new!). It'll certainly be a skate
talked about and remembered for a long time.

Special thanks all goes to [the marshals], I believe, for the never-ending
killer hill from Dulwich to Crystal Palace Park. Just exactly how much work
went into you finding that hill, I wonder?! And I thought you were just
trying to scare people with your warning about being able to skate hills,
and wondered why many people left at Brixton, now I know! Couldn't believe
that hill, didn't think I was going to survive it! But at the end of the skate,
I thought it was a great achievement and it gave us all something to laugh and
chat about on the train home. Absolutely loved it..."

All photos copyright Citiskate 2005 - not to be reproduced without written permission

2pm, Sunday, Hyde park and a gorgeous day for a long cool Rollerstroll


Gearing up for the 16 mile extended route

Marshals getting ready



Volunteer to marshal here


The view over Battersea bridge


Hundreds enter the smooth roads of Battersea park


A glimpse of the Easy Peasy start point, the Peace Pagoda, in the background


Roller skaters welcome the tunes


At the Queenstown
Road south exit


Queenstown Circus


Battersea Park Road


York Road

At the Wandsworth
Common pit stop

Clapham Common South Side

the Brixton Academy

Coldharbour Lane

Dulwich park

College Road -
we will never forget!

The start of the final hill

The real winners


Paris or palace?


Some happy marshals


The Rollerstroll, FNS and Easy Peasy are coordinated by marshals, those kind and
loving skaters that keep buzzing up and down the skate, keeping the skate safe,
offering first aid assistance where they can - not to mention keeping the Citiskate
sound system in tip top condition. Costs are beginning to increase so they need your

You can donate with a credit or debit card via Paypal on the London FNS website