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"brilliant course! Thank you so much for the patience, the laughs and (some) falls too.
I've been raving about the skating lessons to my friends too so expect some coming your way later in the year!"

Claire from the May course

Thank you for taking me from 'putt putt' to 'vroom vroom' in two courses. I stated in my first course
I'd like to skate to work and my instructor said it would be possible within weeks. It took one course to do it via the pavement and another course to take the roads. My instructor was the founder of the Friday night skate and Sunday Rollerstroll so I was in good hands!
Mark, March course

Our rollerblade courses have received five star reviews from Timeout and London course meisters Hotcourses
as well as features in TNT magazine

Via our lessons and free events such as the London Friday Night Skate, Citiskate have introduced more people skating in the UK than ANY other government or non government organisation

If you are interested in
taking group or private skating lessons in London please send us a message via our contact us page and we will inform you once details are confirmed